Greenigo was founded in 2013 by young Melbourne entrepreneur – Vivek Panchakshari.

As a young adult, Vivek developed a strong interest and passion for designer stationery, after admiring the beautiful collections of successful global brands like Martha Stewart,KikkiK, andMilligram; as well as the success established by Australian iconic brands likeCristina Re, LaLaLand, MiGoals, and others.

Whilst these successful brands developed products that were comprehensive, beautiful, and original in style, he soon came to the realisation that there was something fundamentally lacking across these paper products: a strong ‘ecofriendly’ element and a genuine legacy, by the company founders, to tackle climate change and environmental issues.

It was at this point that he embarked on a long and extensive search for the ultimate material that was biodegradable, 100% sustainable, non-toxic, versatile, and ultimately performed better than traditional paper stock.

After 5+ years of dedicated research,and search for an alternative stock to paper, he discovered ‘Wood Veneer’, and established an exclusive trade deal with an American manufacturer to import their quality product into the Australian marketplace. Wood veneer ismade from FSC Controlled Wood logs, and isa renewable resource known to humans for more than a millennium. Wood veneers are biodegradable and more importantly, the veneering process uses very less water and chemicals compared to the paper making process.

From this point, Vivek was on a hard-core mission to develop stationery products for a variety of commercial applications, as well as for the retail marketplace.

In 2013, a humble Greenigo printing facility was established in Melbourne, after substantial investment was made to acquire a large format commercial printer, capable of printing on wood veneer on a large scale. Using the latest technology in digital and offset printing, and for the past 8 years, this small passionate family business has successfully serviced over 108 customers including Forestry Corporation, Forest and Wood Products Australia, Snap, AYCC, and many more; delivered over 652 projects; as well as planted 196 trees, in an effort to run its operation more sustainably than conventional printers and manufacturers.


In 2020, Greenigo partnered with Sydney based giftware and homewares brand LaLaLand to create its first collection of Christmas designer stationery, comprising of unique wood greeting cards and gift tags, exclusively for retail franchise newsagency group – NewsXpress. The rapid success of this range, and the demand by customers for more ecofriendly social stationery, led Vivek and his business development associate / stationery expert Federico Re, to explore the opportunity to partner with Australian artists to create new wood stationery collections that were original in design, Australian made, and 100% ecofriendly.


Throughout 2021, Greenigo has furthered its committed of producing more wood veneer designer stationery for the retail marketplace, by collaborating with Melbourne illustrator / graphic designer ‘Daniella Germain’ and artist ‘Hayle Sinnatt’, as well as exhibiting at various trade shows throughout Melbourne. An exclusive and extensive collection was thus born, comprising of wood Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Journals and Notebooks; as well as a bespoke Greenigo collection of Wood Notepads. This collection presently sells to over 100 stores Australia wide including gift stores, florists, bookshops, homewares stores, newsagents, and bespoke paper / stationery stores.


A further aim for Greenigo is to support local Social Enterprises and in 2021, Greenigo established a partnership with Mambourin an Australian Disability Enterprise that supports people with disability. Through this joint venture, Greenigo has been able to grow rapidly and service its clientele across the B2B and B2C marketplace with exceptional service.

In 2022 and beyond, Greenigo is planning to continue its long-term mission and legacy, to further partner with artists across Australia to extend and diversify its range of products. A core aim of the company is to support more illustrators / artists, as well as indigenous artists, to commercialise their artwork through the sale of products jointly developed with Greenigo, across the retail marketplace.