• Made in Melbourne
  • Unique Wood Greeting cards
  • Wood Phone back stickers
  • Premium Wood Wine bottle holders
  • Classic Wood Wine bottle holder
  • Unique Wood Business cards
  • Unique Wood Wedding cards


GreeniGo exists to bring to the world exclusive sustainable and eco-friendly products that convey a feeling of uniqueness and deep caring.

Our continuous search for an alternative stock to paper led us to find paper thin micro wood veneer which is made from wood - a renewable resource known to humans for more than a millennium. 

Astonishingly micro wood veneer is 100% biodegradable as a biodegradable polymer is used to make veneers. Also, they use upto 50% less wood compared to paper equivalent products as wood log is just sliced to paper thin thickness and more importantly micro veneering process uses very less water and chemicals compared to paper making process! After many months of product testing and market research we have come up with below products:

 Standard micro wood veneer range which consists of:

1. Wood Greeting cards

2. Wood Phone back stickers

3. Premium Wood Wine bottle holders

4. Classic Wood Wine bottle holders

Custom micro wood veneer print range which consists of:

1. Wood Business cards

2. Wood Wedding cards

 By the way, we source micro wood veneers made from FSC Controlled Wood logs. Using latest technology in laser printing and engraving, our products are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.

So take a look at our unique products and let us know how we can help you in anyway.

- GreeniGo team. 

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