Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered:

 1. How thick is the wood veneer?

We have 2 different thicknesses

1 PLY veneer - single side wood - 0.3 mm - recommended for Custom Wood Envelopes - Made to order, please contact us with your requirement via email or phone. 

2 PLY veneer - double side wood - 0.6 mm recommended for Greeting/Wedding cards - Readily available, contact us to check different types of wood availability via email or phone.

2. Can we fold wood veneer without cracking it?

Some veneers fold better than others. However, we suggest you to score the veneer before folding. As a polymer is used to bind the veneers together, it will not crack.

3. Can we write on wood veneer?

Yes, all of our wood veneers can be customized using ball point pen. But if you use Sharpie/Gel pen it might bleed depending on the wood veneer specie.

4. Will the wood veneer warp or curl?

As our wood veneers are made of 100% natural wood, they will be affected by temperature and humidity. But once the humidity returns to normal range, the sheets return to their natural shape.

5. Is the wood veneer bio-degradable?

Yes, since we use 100% natural wood in it's unaltered form, wood veneer is bio-degradable. Our supplier ensures no type of chemicals are used in the process of production, so there is no harm to the environment during the decomposition process.

6. What size veneer sheets are available?

We can offer various size of sheets from A4 size to A3, wide format 320 x 610 mm and the largest of 610 x 610 mm veneer sheet for creative professionals.

7. How many different wood species are available?

Currently we stock Birch, Cherry, Maple and Oak, we can source other species based on your requirement. Get in touch with us with your requirement.

8. Do you use sustainably harvested wood?

Our supplier sources only FSC Controlled Wood logs to make wood veneers.

9. How much is the shipping fee?

We offer FREE standard shipping within Australia. International shipping will be charged based on weight of the package and delivery method chosen.

10. What is the turn around time for an order?

A standard order is processed between 5 to 7 business days after the design is approved and payment is received. Please note the shipping time is not included. Expedited orders are processed with a rush order fee upto 35% extra premium depending on size of the order.

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